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Beast from the East 3: we are ready for you

With the Beast from the East set to return once again just in time for Easter, how will we entertain our mini beasts during the holidays?

Are you planning an Easter getaway, visiting family or staying put? And the big question is what tricks do we have up our (woolly) sleeves to keep our Tots entertained indoors during another snow day?

The first time the temperatures plunged, we were pretty excited. Rushing out to buy sleds, pleading with stubborn toddlers to wear gloves, dusting off tiny snowsuits – it felt like a last-minute skiing holiday without the headache of packing or airports. But then once the snow really hit and we couldn’t get anywhere, we realised it was less Frozen and more Ice Age: The Meltdown.

After spending approximately 90 minutes getting the mini beasts suited and booted (‘Yes, you must keep your gloves on, your hands will get cold’, ‘No, don’t take your shoes off,’ ‘Yes, you do need to wear coat’ etc.) we stepped out into the winter wonderland and…

Two minutes later we came back in again because the littlest beast was crying after refusing to wear gloves and realising snow is cold (shocker, I know) and the other one was soaking wet after completing a series of overly-enthusiastic snow angels.

Following a failed attempt to build our very own Olaf – the snow was too powdery apparently – we resigned ourselves to staying indoors. Panic soon set in as the mini beasts began to get bored, and even worse, our snack supplies were running dangerously low. We kicked ourselves for not googling ‘1001 fun snow day games’ before the first flakes had fallen. Then we gave ourselves a pep talk and grabbed one of our current favourite reads, Teatime in Space. Blast off! The story inspired the little ones to build rockets and homes for the Paw Patrol crew using magnetic building blocks. We assisted with structural advice while defrosting our toes with a hot water bottle.
Tea in Space

One of our customers was staying at a popular UK holiday park when the first Beast from the East hit. The toys and activity sheet from our dinosaur box proved a lifesaver as they were staying in a lodge in the woods and it was freezing outside! Her tots loved dressing up in the T-Rex costume and ‘scaring’ daddy, while the dino torches inspired her petite palaeontologists to rove around each room hunting for prehistoric creatures.

Before the beast came to visit again last weekend to toast St Patrick’s Day, we all laughed and said, ‘It’s too warm to snow!’ But boy, were we wrong. This time to keep the tots busy we took some pull-along pets for a walk around the house and held a hotly-contested dog show.
And now, like that unwelcome guest you just can’t seem to shake, the beast is set to complete the trilogy and return just in time to ruin our plans for outdoor Easter egg hunts among those dizzy dancing daffodils.
But this time we’ll be ready for him.
We have our crowns and King Cat book lined up and waiting for our majestic mini beasts. And once that’s done there’s some lovely animal threading beads to play with, which are great for fine motor skills and perfect for a mini tea party!
So bring it on Beast, we have all kinds of activities ready for indoor adventures, not to mention a bucket load of Easter eggs to boost our spirits.
It’s not too late to order a Toy Box Tots box for Easter, so get in touch if you want a boxful of fun delivered right to your doorstep, whether that’s to your home or anywhere in the UK.
Have a great weekend!
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  • We are massive fans of your toy boxes. Love the look of the space and dinosaur ones. Can’t wait to see what we receive next and still we are busy with this month’s box

  • Wow. Great idea. Something new to consider.


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