Can Taking Tots to a Wedding Ever Work?

With all the hype and excitement surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wonderful wedding, it got us thinking about one of our favourite occasions. Who doesn’t love a wedding? The beautiful bride, the DRESS, celebrating with friends and family, the bored toddler running down the aisle as the vows are exchanged… Let’s face it; most of us realise that weddings + children = MAYHEM.
The angelic flower girl turns into a crazed monster when she is asked to walk down the aisle while delicately sprinkling rose petals? Seen it. The naughty four-year-old who photo bombs the happy couple as they share their first kiss? Been there, got the photo.
Nuptials are stressful and we all know someone who has turned into a bridezilla over table settings or flowers. And let’s be honest, weddings can also be tricky for guests too, especially if you are bringing your own little darlings along to someone’s special day.
Allowing kids to attend can put parents in an awkward position, do you dare ask a frantic bride what might be provided for kids other than a meal? Or do you just pack up anything that might possibly entertain them for longer than 10 seconds and try to fit it into the gorgeous – but impractical – handbag you splashed out on for the occasion?
Reluctant to add to the bridal party stress, do you message fellow parents pals to see if they’re taking their kids along as reassurance that there will be strength in numbers?
Pipe down: Prince William and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge kiss on the balcony at Buckingham Palace, but it's all too much for bridemaid Grace van Cutsem, left, who has to cover her ears from all the cheering
Although the Toy Box Tots tots have been invited to weddings in the past, they are yet to attend. It makes us slightly anxious thinking of the prospect of entertaining twins at each stage of a wedding day if there isn’t any children’s entertainment.
Ceci included children on her wedding guest list as she had two nephews who would be coming anyway. “My oldest nephew who was two at the time, walked up the aisle like a pro with the rings but then spent a lot of the rest of the ceremony wandering around,” she recalls. “I think everyone took the opinion that a mobile yet silent toddler is significantly better than a toddler screaming shouting and kicking as someone tries to stop him moving. He stood next to us during our vows and eventually took himself off into the choir stalls for a nap.”
“One of the mums in the congregation told my mum she had been plying her daughter with a steady flow of biscuits to keep her quiet. I think the end of the ceremony must be a huge relief for parents as they can stop trying to make their toddler behave like a mime artist!”
Ceci arranged colouring books at each child’s seat for the meal, but in hindsight a box of toys in a corner of the reception room would have been significantly better. Even better we wish we had one of our own boxes for the whole wedding weekend!
A box would have kept little bridesmaids happy while they were waiting to have their hair done, then we could have transferred them to the drinks reception and later the wedding breakfast to keep the youngest guests busy while they grateful parents could enjoy a drink and a dance in peace! 
Harry or Meghan if you’re reading this (of course you are!) we have special wedding themed boxes available to rent, which come with dress up veils and top hats – perfect for your little guests to create their own mini bridal party.
Any of the other boxes are great fun too. We can just imagine members of the royal family dancing around with the T-Rex from our Dinosaur themed box….

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