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Dear Prince George and Princess Charlotte, congratulations on the birth of your new brother. And well done Kate and William on yet another healthy royal arrival! While it’s lovely to welcome a new addition to the family, it’s not always easy for the older siblings. However much you prepare your first (and second born in Kate and William’s case) the dynamics do change and it can take children a while to adjust. Will George and Charlotte want to share mummy with a cute newborn who will be lavished with attention from around the world?


Any parents out there with more than one child have tales to tell about how their eldest tots reacted when their new brother or sister first arrived. One mother recalls her outraged eight-year-old daughter said, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’ when she first met her baby sister, while a less than impressed four-year-old boy remarked, ‘When is he going home? He cries a lot,’ after deciding his week-old newborn brother had outstayed his welcome.



It’s important not to forget about the siblings who were there first when celebrating a birth. We find sending a little gift such as a book or cuddly toy (or toy box...) to the older kids is a great way to soothe the sometimes troubled waters. Even better gift them an activity that will keep them busy so that sleep deprived mum can have a few minutes of peace and a cup of tea while the newborn is sleeping. 

One of our boxes for 2-3 year olds, based around the book King Cat, has proved a hit for older siblings, especially when given as a present from the new arrival! It tells the tale of a cat who is ruler of his house – until the family decide to get a new pet... A dog! Poor King Cat has to share everything with a rather annoying canine and is thoroughly peeved about the new situation. (Sound familiar?) Then one day, the dog is taken out for a walk and while he is initially thrilled to have the house all to himself again he soon finds himself missing the new addition. 

We sent this box to a busy mummy looking after new born twins and an energetic toddler. The big brother loved bonding with his new siblings by entertaining them with his cat puppet, and when the twins were napping mum and big brother enjoyed quality time playing a board game included in the box.


Older siblings crave time spent alone with mummy and daddy, just to reassure them they are still as important as ever. During the recent Easter holidays, one of our customers reported back that their four-year-old daughter looked forward to her younger sister’s afternoon nap as it was the perfect opportunity for her to get out her precious toy ponies and set up her favourite farm scene with mummy, without the little one ‘ruining everything’.

Each Toy Box Tots box is lovingly based around one of our favourite children’s books and is brimming with ideas to keep mini minds busy. Also (anyone feeling sleep deprived with a newborn will love this bit) they come with an activity sheet, so if you are running out of inspiration this box won’t let you down!

One of our customers, who has two daughters aged two and four, recently said she wished someone had sent her firstborn one of these boxes when her new sister arrived as she struggled to keep her entertained while she was breastfeeding.

So Kate, we’ve heard three is a pretty tricky number to manage (especially since we only have one pair of hands and they are usually busy enough with two kids). If you find George and Charlotte are feeling bored or left out in the next few weeks just give us a call. We will send our finest King Cat box (how appropriate) straight round. Trust us, you won’t regret it!




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