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Welcome to TBT!

Hello! It is time we introduced ourselves – We are Caroline (writing this post) and Ceci from Toy Box Tots. We met in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in the hospital in Dubai where both of our sets of twins had been born prematurely. Every parent of a premmie will understand how dark the NICU days can be and therefore the parents that you meet there, going through all the tears and fears with you, become extremely close.

 Fast forward 2 years and 2 country moves and thankfully we still live near enough to each other to have stayed friends and ensure our children grow up together. And there is a wonderful bond between those 4 Maniacs - and Maniacs they are! But they are also the strongest little people that make us proud and inspired us to start Toy Box Tots. Or in truth, ‘inspired’ us to develop a solution to entertain the children and allow us to finally get 10 minutes of peace for a chat!!


And so Toy Box Tots was born. The original idea was just to help parents like us entertain their children however we soon realised that we were actually able to solve bigger problems for parents – like the fact that the average spend on toys for a child under 9 in the UK is £639.50 a year…..That is £1,279 worth of plastic thrown into my cupboards, never to be played with again!!!!  £1,279 of plastic that will litter our earth for generations to come.

It feels crazy to me that in today’s world of ‘Uberization’, our toy market hasn’t changed in centuries – we still buy toys for our children to own just as we did in the 1900s. So, at Toy Box Tots we want to help parents move into a new age of Toy Sharing. Instead of buying toys, you can now sign up to our subscription service and we deliver a whole box of toys to your door for your Tots to enjoy for up to 4 weeks. Our toys are all high quality, fun and tested by our own Tots – if they don’t love it, we don’t include it. Each box is based on a book which we include in the box for you to keep! What’s more, we also include an activity page based on the book for fun things to do with the toys and assist with your child’s development potential.

We also offer a one off box – if you are visiting family and don’t want to haul a suitcase full of toys with you, we can deliver to your holiday destination to keep your Tots entertained from the moment you arrive.

We believe we are solving a problem for parents, give us a try and see if you agree! We have a ‘no strings attached’ opening offer for you – get your first Toy Box for £25.99. Keep it for up to 4 weeks and see what you think. There are no requirements to sign up for a subscription, but if you do decide to stay with us, we will also offer an ongoing discount!

Here is a picture of my own Tots enjoying a Toy Box that I took to my in law’s house last weekend.

FYI – the downside; they were so excited to play with the toys each day that they woke at 5am shouting ‘Play Toys now Mummy!!’



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