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12-18 month old box
12-18 month old box

12-18 month old box

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This box is best for children celebrating their first birthday or recently turned 1.

Each of our boxes are carefully put together and themed around one of our favourite books to ensure your Tot has a ton of fun. Our 12-18 month old boxes are bursting with bright colours with lots of toys for them to explore, drop and bang together! All our toy boxes are carefully curated with lovely toys that we hope will be new to your Tot and they will have lots of fun familiarising themselves with them! 

birthday gift for one year olds

Some of the books used in this age category are:

  • The Wheels on the Bus
  • The Star of the Zoo
  • The Penguin King
  • The Ugly Duckling

However, if you have any special requests - a new sibling, moving house, getting a dog etc send us an email as we have a lot of boxes in the pipeline and would love to help you out with a box to help your Tot understand a situation! 

birthday gift for one year olds

 In the box you will find:

  • A delivery note detailing all the toys in the box
  • A book for you to read together and keep forever
  • An average of 7 toys, themed around the book and carefully curated for optimal entertainment
  • An activity note with lots of fun ideas for ways to play with the box
  • Returns stickers - all you need to do is reseal your box with the stickers when you're finished with it and we'll collect it.

birthday gift for one year olds 

You can rent a box for anything from 3 days upwards. We'll be in touch once you've purchased the box to arrange delivery and we're very flexible if you decide you would like to keep a box longer than you originally planned! 

Generally, if you live within the M25, we can deliver within 3 working days but if it is further afield, we ask for 7 days notice. However, if you need a box urgently let us know and we will do our very best to deliver!

birthday gift for one year olds

What Our Customers Are Saying:

"Lucy loves her box! I think the cardboard box is getting as much use as the toys! I hadn't ever seen the Smartmax animals before but they're brilliant - we will definitely buy them!"

birthday gift for one year olds

The toys photographed are sample boxes for this age group.

birthday gift for one year olds